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Blades in the Dark
Blades in the Dark is a tabletop role-playing game about a crew of daring scoundrels seeking their fortunes on the haunted...
criminals, fantasy, thieves John Harper
Broken Compass
Broken Compass is an Adventure Role-Playing Game inspired by the great movies and games of the genre, from the Mummy all...
30s, 40s, 90s, action, adventure, aliens, animals, bunnies, cartoon, cats, criminals, cthulhu, cyberpunk, dogs, dragons, dystopia, foxes, ghosts, gods, horror, horses, mice, modern, pulp, sci-fi, space, star wars, teens, time travel, vampires, werewolves, western, zombies Simone Formicola, Riccardo Sirignano
CAPERS is an award-winning super-powered game of gangsters in the Roaring Twenties.  In CAPERS, players portray exceptional people – called "capers"...
20s, criminals, gansters, super-hero Craig Campbell
Keep Flyin'! Prepare for thrilling, new adventures in the 'Verse with the Firefly Roleplaying Game! Set six years after the...
criminals, future, gunslingers, sci-fi, space, western Monica Valentinelli
Impulse Drive
Play a crew of misfits and scoundrels living a life of danger and adventure as they explore space and try...
criminals, sci-fi, space Adrian Thoen
GET READY TO GET EVEN! The rich and powerful, they take what they want. You steal it back from them....
criminals, modern, thieves Cam Banks
Never Tell Me The Odds
YOU ARE A SPACEFARING SCOUNDREL. You’ve blasted, cheated,  swindled, double-crossed, charmed, and hyper-jumped  your way across half the galaxy. But now, you’ve made ...
criminals, future, sci-fi, space David Somerville
Pigeon’s Eleven
Be birds. Do crimes. A roleplaying game powered by polymorph.
animals, birds, criminals Arbitrio Games
Scum and Villainy
SCUM AND VILLAINY Unwise deals. Blaster fights. High adventure among the stars. Welcome to the world of Scum and Villainy....
criminals, future, sci-fi, space Stras Acimovic