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 Author: Cam Banks  Category: criminals, modern, thieves  Publisher: Margaret Weis Productions  Game System: Cortex

GET READY TO GET EVEN! The rich and powerful, they take what they want. You steal it back from them. You were bad guys, but there are worse people out there. The weak and the helpless need you. You provide… leverage. Leverage is one of the hottest hours on television, a fast-paced drama series about a crew of grifters, con artists, and thieves who use their skills to avenge the innocent. Starring Academy Award®-winning actor Timothy Hutton and co-created by John Rogers (Transformers, DC Comic’s Blue Beetle, and IDW’s Dungeons & Dragons comic series), Leverage recently wrapped a third season on the TNT Network. Using the critically-acclaimed Cortex System as its foundation, the LEVERAGE Roleplaying Game includes all the rules you need to create your own team of rogues, plan a job, and get it done… even if it means going to Plan B. Designed by Cam Banks, Rob Donoghue, and Clark Valentine for Margaret Weis Productions, and featuring an introduction by executive producer John Rogers.