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Impulse Drive

 Author: Adrian Thoen  Category: criminals, sci-fi, space  Game System: Powered by the Apocalypse

Play a crew of misfits and scoundrels living a life of danger and adventure as they explore space and try to make their ship a home in a technicolor sea of stars. Fight dangerous organizations, investigate unnerving mysteries, and find trouble in a game that rewards you when your characters face their shortcomings. Grow your characters and ship with new gear and abilities as you discover and create the universe together, as a group.

Impulse Drive is a roleplaying game about making a living on the fringe of civilized space, inspired by fiction such as FarscapeFireflyMass EffectStar Wars, and many others. Find some friends, grab a handful of six sided dice, and strap on your spacesuit.

This book includes all the rules you need to have your own space adventures about misfits and spaceships, including eight iconic character archetypes:

  • The Hound, a rogue lawkeeper or bounty hunter.
  • The Infiltrator, a skilled burglar or assassin.
  • The Intellect, an expert scientist, physician, or mechanic.
  • The Mystic, a wise religious figure or member of an ancient order of knights.
  • The Outsider, a truly strange or out-of-place alien.
  • The Scoundrel, a down on their luck con artist or street rat.
  • The Tempest, a volatile hothead with dangerous powers.
  • The Warhorse, a battle-scarred war veteran who has seen everything.

As well as four ship playbooks that help you set the stage for your adventures:

  • The Smuggler, a beat up old freighter with some hidden surprises and a big debt.
  • The Predator, a dangerous mercenary vessel with a dangerous nemesis after them.
  • The Vanguard, a state-of-the-art ship in the employ of a powerful galactic civilization or organisation.
  • The Marauder, a pirate vessel with a bad reputation.