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Animal Adventures
Roleplay as intelligent animal characters Bring cute cats and dogs to your next tabletop campaign! Designed to work with the...
animals, cats, dogs, fantasy, mice Russ Charles
Babes in the Wood
Babes in the Wood is a tabletop roleplaying game where players act as various kids & critters to wander an endless...
animals, cozy, fantasy, kids Adam Vass
The world of Akeroth is a tapestry of vibrant landscapes, from the ancient forests of Hyhill to the towering mountains...
animals, mice
Broken Compass
Broken Compass is an Adventure Role-Playing Game inspired by the great movies and games of the genre, from the Mummy all...
30s, 40s, 90s, action, adventure, aliens, animals, bunnies, cartoon, cats, criminals, cthulhu, cyberpunk, dogs, dragons, dystopia, foxes, ghosts, gods, horror, horses, mice, modern, pulp, sci-fi, space, star wars, teens, time travel, vampires, werewolves, western, zombies Simone Formicola, Riccardo Sirignano
Bunnies and Burrows
Something wicked this way hops! It's not easy being a rabbit. Dangers abound in a hostile world of forests, fields,...
animals, bunnies, fantasy, rabbits Scott R. Robinson, B. Dennis Sustare
Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse
You and your friends make your mice, found your club, and hit the streets. These are mice with the gusto...
animals, mice, modern, motorcycles Derek A. Kamal
Horseshoe Academy
High School. Horses. Homework. Excellent Equine Roleplaying Ever since you were a foal you've dreamed of Horseshoe Acacdemy. A magical...
animals, horses, teens Nat Mesnard
Knights of Underbed
CALLING ALL KNIGHTS OF UNDERBED! Explore the dark and dangerous basement, creep into the creepy attic, visit the glorious metropolis...
animals, toys Ben Woerner
Laser Kittens
Welcome to the Knoll Street School for Wayward Kittens! The Knoll Street School for Wayward Kittens is a big house...
animals, cats Stentor Danielson
Luncheons and Dragonflies
In Luncheons and Dragonflies, you play a critter, a tiny animal native to the woodlands of Virginia, USA. You can be...
animals, mice Adam Hancock
Magical Kitties Save the Day
The World of Magical Kitties You are Cute. You are Cunning. You are Fierce. You are Magical Kitties, and it’s time...
animals, cats, fantasy Matthewr J Haunson
Mouse Guard
Based on the award-winning Mouse Guard comic book and graphic novel series by David Petersen, this pen-and-paper traditional RPG designed...
animals, fantasy, mice Luke Crane
Mutants in the Next
Story In the ‘80s and ‘90s, a singular game introduced tens of thousands of gamers to role-playing, not through wizards and...
animals, modern Julian Kay
Mutants in the Now
LET'S MUTATE ALL OVER AGAIN! In the ‘80s and ‘90s, they ruled the streets, kick-flipping off of villainous faces and slipping into...
alternate history, animals, modern Julian Kay
Pigeon’s Eleven
Be birds. Do crimes. A roleplaying game powered by polymorph.
animals, birds, criminals Arbitrio Games
Adventure in the world of Everglow, nestled in delicate balance between the elemental planes. It is a world of magic...
animals, cats, dragons, fairies, horses David Silver
Raccoon Sky Pirates
Raccoon Sky Pirates is a tabletop role-playing game for 3 to 6 players that takes about three hours to play. Take...
animals, birds, opossums, pilots, raccoons, rats, thieves Chris Sellers
Secrets of Cats
Cats are magical; cats understand sacrifice and the power of names. A decapitated mouse left on the doorstep or pillow is...
animals, cats Richard Bellingham
STREETS is a tabletop role-playing game of stray animal adventures for all ages!
animals, cats, dogs, mice Andrew Orvedahl