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Luncheons and Dragonflies

 Author: Adam Hancock  Category: animals, mice  Publisher: Gnome Made Games

In Luncheons and Dragonflies, you play a critter, a tiny animal native to the woodlands of Virginia, USA. You can be a mouse, bat, squirrel, or groundhog, to name a few.

But critters in Luncheons and Dragonflies aren’t your garden-variety animals. They can speak, walk on hind legs when it suits them, and scavenge the woodland floor and people’s houses for useful things, like weapons and snacks.

Your critter is a hero. While most critters keep their nose to the ground, yours embarks on courageous quests to find snacks, scavenge for useful items, safeguard others, and defeat bigger, scarier animals—like rats, cats, coyotes, and bears. Your critter and their ragtag team can attain glory and conquest, or just a good picnic with all the trimmings.