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Mutants in the Next

 Author: Julian Kay  Category: animals, modern  Publisher: JK Games


In the ‘80s and ‘90s, a singular game introduced tens of thousands of gamers to role-playing, not through wizards and warriors, but through radical mutant animal vigilantes. They fought from the fringes to make the world better with wits, wisecracks, and weapons.

But the game passed on with the loss of its license and creator. Though its post-apocalyptic spin-off continued, it faded without its predicted expansions. A complete and original follow-up, set in contemporary times, failed to emerge…

… until 2021. Mutants in the Now was funded on Kickstarter as the retro-modern, mutant-animal, role-playing game that evokes its older ancestors while bringing modern sensibilities to the system and setting. It’s more clear, robust, and inclusive, while still focusing on the mutation and action that made the original so fun.

Mutants in the Next expands the character material in Mutants in the Now, adding over a hundred new species, new mutations, new psionic powers, new fighting styles, new skill packages, new villain factions, and more! Moreover, it expands existing villain factions like the Proteus Corporation and Atama-Ryu, giving more setting details and foes for “mutant-meisters” to build stories with.

Mutants in the Next enhances and expands the core game, building on what’s there. It’s a 120-page cornucopia of material that’ll make Mutants in the Now weirder, wilder, and more exciting.