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World Tree

 Author: Bard Bloom  Category: animals, fantasy  Publisher: Padwolf Publishing

“You’ve lived your whole life within sight of Treverre’s snakey walls. You know the look of a field of opal roses, the smell of Lake Laicrane at dawn, the sound of wherriwheffle calling to their flocks at sunout, the humming feel of a thousand spells as you walk by the magic academies. But you can’t know what the world is like until you’ve leaned over the bow of a skyboat and felt the wind in your fur, looking at the whole World Tree spread out beneath you, green branches going forever, wiggling trails of rivers and mountains along them, the ancient cities just little patches like civilized lichen. I can sneak you on to the Crown of Leaves! We’ll sail away, see the great courts and the vertical wilderness, meet wizards and heroes and bakers and professors and monsters and gods, and experience everything.”

Filled with stories and advice from the inhabitants, this book gives you the detailed information about the World Tree and its prime cultures you’ll need to play your own stories of intrigue and magic on the civilized frontier, together with a completely integrated rules system.