WordPress Books Gallery is a free plug-in for creating a catalog of books, allowing you to search by title, author, publisher, category, etc. Pretty cool right?


I’m using it to sort my gaming library of Roleplaying Games. This was a lot of data entry for minimal return. My friends probably won’t even look at this site, let alone use it in the way I imagine to help me pick which of my hundreds of RPGs to focus on next and play. 


So when they hide features like sorting books by author behind a paywall – you have to pay an annual subscription of minimum $50 – I felt the need to call them out on how shitty that is because the default behavior was for clicking on an author’s name to go to a 404 page. I added the /book-author/ page and decided that putting the code for just bringing up the gallery (sorted randomly) was worse than having a big old call out post about how dumb it is that they made the author’s names links going to a broken page.


Also bullshit is that they won’t display everything, and won’t give you the ability to click through multiple pages of results unless you have the paid version.