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Wicked Pacts

 Author: John Barfield  Category: magic, modern  Publisher: The Polyhedral Knights

At 21:05 a stiff comes into the morgue.


He’s middle-aged. White. No ID. Covered in lacerations.


At 21:15 he reanimates and tries to take a chunk out of the medical examiner. Luckily, the medical examiner is a necromancer, and she’s one of your people, so that’s how you get the call. The stiff is still thrashing when you get there, despite him being harpooned to the floor with an Angel-forged broadsword, and the medical examiner says she hasn’t ever seen a reanimation like this. Together you call up the man’s soul, now trapped in endless replay of the moments leading to his death, but all it does is scream.


“And I was beginning to think,” the medical examiner says dryly, “that this was going to be a slow week.”


You’re only half-listening at this point, because all you can think about now is motive. Was this a Syndicate job? A failed possession? An unregistered artifact? A natural death near a Ley Line?


You’re still thinking about motive when a blood-curdling howl shreds the night and a werewolf comes through the front windows of the office upstairs, broken glass raining down around it, claws skidding on the tiles. You’ve been expecting this attack for weeks, ever since you shut down that smuggling operation, and your pistol is already in your right hand–a spell forming in your left.


“You might want to get down,” you tell the medical examiner and hurl a fireball at the stairs.


Welcome to the world of Wicked Pacts.

Wicked Pacts is a tabletop roleplaying game about mages, criminals, and about how far you’ll go to see that real justice gets done–all set against a backdrop of covert wars, occult powers, and supernatural menace. It is the third game by the Polyhedral Knights, providing players with an easy-to-learn system, satisfyingly deep gameplay, and a pulpy, old-school feel–all set against a backdrop of magic, mistrust, and gun smoke.