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Two-Fisted Tales

 Author: Matthew Stevens  Category: pulp  Publisher: Precis Intermedia

Go back to the classic era of pulp adventure! Climb mountains, fight off dozens of gibbering goons, fly airplanes through ravines, defuse bombs, and solve murder mysteries before breaking for lunch. Jump right into the action by creating your very own pulp icon with customizable templates, from the costumed vigilante and hardboiled detective to magicians and tough scientists — 15 standard templates, plus 8 special ones for alternate settings (like the pirate and barbarian), and 7 villainous templates (such as the mad scientist and femme fatale). Multiple power levels put you at the degree of realism (or lack thereof) you desire. 

Give your characters special gimmicks, including gadgets, mystical arts, hypnotic disciplines, magic spells, animal affinities, and even Golden Age superpowers. Guidelines for the gamemaster aid in creating pulp adventures, providing inspiration for plot hooks, goals, locales, villainous motivations and habits, hazards, and monsters.

Changes from the Revised Edition include:

  • Streamlined rules
  • Consistent ability Adds for determining derived attributes, such as Resistance, number of cards, and Background Points
  • Gritty and Escapist are the base power levels, with Fantastic, Legendary, and Mythic for Super-Heroic levels
  • Golden Age superpowers
  • Higher damage scale
  • Some checks use random target numbers, while Credit Rolls can be used to randomly select one character to come up with a great idea, find a clue, or piece together a puzzle
  • New combat options
  • Character development has been greatly streamlined
  • New character templates for alternate settings

Requires two or more 10-sided dice and a standard deck of playing cards.