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 Author: John Harford  Category: animals, raccoons  Publisher: Fox and Boar Games

TrashSexy – You’re a raccoon. But not just any raccoon. A raccoon smarter than the average human – out to phorage for trash, treats and find prized shinies!

Get out your d4 and d6 and prepare to begin your first escapade! TrashSexy is an easy to learn, fast playing story game that uses a unique generative card deck to help the TrashMaster quickly lay out scenarios. Each escapade has several episodes and each episode has locations inhabited by creatures you must befriend, fight or outwit. These include coyote haunted pastures, country taverns filled with wannabe cowboys, urban block parties with steaming sausages on griddles and toughs in guinea tees, to undercity gardens inhabited by strange goblins that tend psychedelic fungus crops.

Your character belongs to one of 5 Skids – which determines where your raccoon comes from and what they are good at. These are Urban, Rustic, Wild, Suburban and even Underground dwelling raccoons. Characters can be created in less than 5 minutes.

The TrashMaster determines the goal of you escapade – along the way you pick up trash from each location you visit to help complete your quest goal.

Everyone at the table controls a Raccoon character and its easy to rotate the TrashbCan lid to a new TrashMaster so anyone at the table can play or referee an episode. You can play the game with little prep and throw down some location cards for a few hours – or run it as a more traditional RPG with an ongoing story.

Do you have what it takes? Are you ready to be – TrashSexy?