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 Author: Kayla Dice  Category: cyberpunk, dystopia, future, pirates, robots  Publisher: Rat Wave Game House

The world as you know it, early 21st century Earth, is nothing but a lie. In truth, it is a simulation called the Terminal, a lie to keep humanity under the control of the Robot Authority. In the Wake, the real world, pirates trawl the seas and plug back into the simulation. Inside they battle the system’s agent and try to free other restless sleepers.

The players act as members of a daring pirate crew. They will walk the path of Omen, the latest in a cycle of reincarnation, someone with extraordinary power and a sign that this iteration of the Terminal is close to collapse. Total system crash is coming.

The crash could spell disaster and death for pirates, or an opportunity to claw back their autonomy. Shatter the nightmare, take back your life, crash the world.