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 Author: Jim Rossignol  Category: horror, monsters  Game System: Forged in the Dark

Occult criminality and monster-hunting
in a cursed corner of 18th-century England

In the tabletop adventures of TEETH, players take on the role of elite monster hunters, drawn from all corners of the globe to a bleak and remote vale, blasted by an occult catastrophe some fifty years prior. 

Nothing is as it seems. The very beasts of the land are in thrall to unknowable powers. Desperation among the commonfolk breeds deceit and danger. The nobles harbour secrets more wicked than anything that has crept into our reality from beyond. Whatever their agenda, the Hunters’ eyes, like their knives, must be very keen indeed.

Some have described it as Jane Austen’s STALKER. Or perhaps  Blackadder vs The Witcher.

Okay, it was us. We described it as that.