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Staged Heroism

 Author: Sharene Gilchrist,  Category: super-hero  Publisher: NerdBurger Games


Staged Heroism is a comedy/action tabletop roleplaying game about legacies and failure, a rules-light love letter to Saturday morning cartoons of years past as well as contemporary super-hero cartoons that bend (and sometimes nuke) the tropes of the genre. 

It’s a game filled with hilarious heists, super-heroics, and absurd plans for world domination gone delightfully awry.

In short, it’s a love-letter to and inspired by The Venture Bros. 

(Just to be clear, familiarity with The Venture Bros. is NOT necessary to play and enjoy this game. You don’t even need to give a crap about the TV show. )

All-in-One Game

This is an all-in-one game book with full rules for players and GMs. Character creation. Full rules. GM guidance. A host of organizations and NPCs with which to populate your game world.