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Outbreak Undead

 Author: Christopher De La Rosa  Category: horror, survival, zombies  Publisher: Hunters Entertainment  Game System: Outbreak Undead

The stuttering of the generator shakes the machine violently, its last bit of gas rings in the background, while the lights flicker as you enter the sub-basement of the hospital. You came here looking for antibiotics, but there is something else here…

Outbreak: Undead.. is Survival Horror simulation-based RPG, focusing on practical experience – and scarcity of resources rather than sensationalist hero fulfillment. The game asks you not ‘IF’ you are going to die, but ‘WHEN’.

What do we mean by ‘Survival Simulation RPG’?

Outbreak: Undead is a sandbox system, with no real ‘pre-established world building or lore’ – players can create highly adaptable mission frameworks. Allowing for any kind of Survival Horror Apocalypse (slow, fast, sentient, biologically alive), in any kind of environment(urban, arctic, jungle, swampland), and take place in any kind of setting (divergent history, modern day, near future, fandom worlds) you can imagine.