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Monster Care Squad

 Author: Alvhild Sagadatter  Category: fantasy, monsters  Publisher: Sandy Pug Games

Monster Care Squad is a tabletop roleplaying game set in the tranquil world of Ald-Amura. The peaceful state of the world is threatened when a mysterious poison known as The False Gold finds its way into the veins of the world’s Monsters, causing terrible, maddening Wounds, which drive these incredible beings into uncontrollable rages. The once unbreakable bond of harmony and respect between Humans and Monsters is on the brink of collapse, and it’s up to you and your allies to set things right.

You play as Monster Care Specialists, elite vets equipped with the knowledge to heal any wound, given enough time and preparation. In the game, you travel this amazing Miyazaki-esque world, going from town to town in hopes of finding Monsters infected with The False Gold, diagnosing their illnesses, crafting cures, and healing their minds and bodies of the strange, magical Wounds which drive them to destruction. To do this, you’ll solve local problems, investigate the land and its mysteries, and apply the skills, abilities, and knowledge you’ll build up throughout play.

Mechanically, Monster Care Squad utilizes a narrative first system influenced by games such as Rhapsody of Blood, Ryuutama, and Ironsworn. Most rolls are handled by two six-sided dice, and the game is designed to be easy to learn while providing opportunities for deep and evocative storytelling; tools to build incredible and unique characters without the limitations of playbooks, and powerful GM mechanics to plan the perfect session, or create one on the fly.

Every adventure in Monster Care Squad follows three phases of play – first a Diagnosis phase, where your party arrives in town, assesses the situation, asks questions, and solves minor problems around the town in exchange for information and leads. Once you’ve figured out what’s wrong with the Monster, then begins the Synthesis phase, where brewing the cures and salves, preparing spells, and making plans is the name of the game. Finally, once everything is in place, the Symbiosis phase has the team face off against this incredible, wounded Godling, attempting to cure its wounds and restore its enraged mind.

Do a good job, and the Monster may even grant you a portion of its power in the form of magical Monster Gifts as thanks for your aid.

Helping you through all this are a number of mechanics that put a strong emphasis on collaboration, gentleness, hope, and mutual support – both between the party members, and the party and the GM. Aces are bits of knowledge, special equipment, and abilities you gain through play that you can spend for bonuses on your dice.  Specialties are natural talents and training that your heroes can always succeed at, and the special Mentor system allows the GM to get in on the action, support their party and go on adventures with them. You’ll need all these and more to bring peace to the poisoned Monsters and restore balance to the world of Ald-Amura!