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 Author: Spencer Riedel  Category: cartoon  Publisher: Sanguine Productions  Game System: Powered by the Apocalypse

MADCAP is the role-playing game where you and your friends become wacky characters in a cartoon show that you create!

  • Simple rules that feed the fires of your fevered imagination. Choose a playbook, such as the know-it-all Smartypants, the devious Trickster, the meta-satirical Self-Aware, and the proverbial more!
  • Gimmicks to customize your character for any role, such as the beleaguered small-town sheriff, the hapless red-shirted space explorer, the incompetent wizard. Change options more frequently than you change underwear!
  • Amuse yourself as you build on your each other’s jokes, stack up the laughs, and (maybe) take a few lumps when your hare-brained schemes blow up in your face.
  • Sample adventures and campaigns to get you started! Bum around some two-bit tinsel-town while you wait for your next break! Run through dark hallways while spooks chase after you! Or blunder into another franchise and take it down a peg with your smug self-awareness.
  • Look at pictures drawn by animation professionals, all full color and all modeled after the characters that you create
  • Make up your own stories as you come up with all new stuff, or copy from your favorite shows. We won’t tell if you don’t!

Don’t just let everyone else laugh at you – make a game out of it! And when you play MADCAP, you’re all winners!