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James Bond 007

 Author: Gerard Christopher Klug  Category: action, adventure, spies  Publisher: Victory Games  Game System: Percentile dice

Player characters are secret agents, either James Bond himself or his allies, other agents of MI6, the British Secret Intelligence Service, or allied agencies (usually the American CIA), and thwart world domination plots from foreign dictators, megalomaniacal mad scientists, and arch-criminals.

Unlike many role-playing games where player characters start as unimportant to the universe and less powerful than the non-player characters, the James Bond setting centers more on the player characters. PCs are usually more competent than NPCs, better outfitted with gadgets (from Q branch), have more Hero Points (see System, below) to perform cinematic feats, and generally have influence over their surroundings.

In keeping with the setting, the game focuses on a few leading roles, not large groups, and plays well with just one gamemaster and one player.