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 Author: Manuel J. Sueiro  Category: horror, kids, monsters  Publisher: Nocturnal Media

It is just a game, so there is no need to be afraid.

Or maybe you should be…

Do you remember the time when any shadow could turn into a monster? Do you remember the strange noises against your window on windy nights? What about when you closed your eyes and hid underneath the bed covers so you couldn’t see what was poking through the slightly-ajar closet door? Would you like to go back? Would you dare?

They are waiting for you… and they are hungry.

Innocents is a role playing game about imagination and fear; about monsters under your bed, abandoned houses plagued with ghosts, and shadows forming odd shapes in the darkness. Innocents is a game starring children, but it is not a child’s game: it is a roleplaying game for adults willing to let their imagination fly back to their childhood, to experience horror as only children can.

Innocents is, above all, a roleplaying game and follows most of the usual conventions; but it is not a game for newcomers, so the book doesn’t explain RPGs and how they are played. Instead, it tries to show you how to play differently; far from epic action, it leans towards the darkest corners of the most primal fears, emotions, and psychodrama. Despite this, Innocents is played as any other roleplaying game: a group of players playing their characters, a Gamemaster acting as the rest of the world, and a story they all develop together.