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Fragged Empire

 Author: Wade Dyer  Category: fantasy, post-apocalypse, sci-fi  Publisher: Design Ministries


Exploring the state of the universe after a cataclysmic event is a popular theme in science fiction literature. It allows us to delve into the nature of civilisation, humanity, and rediscovery after we have lost all that we know.

This setting does not take place immediately after this cataclysmic event (a genocidal war), but a hundred years later. Enough time has passed for people to partially accept what has happened and start to rebuild. You are at the dawn of a new civilisation, a time of great opportunity and danger.

 What should this new society look like?


Shaped by the Great War and what it took to survive it, the races have had one hundred years to create their own distinctive cultures, formed from their experiences, core beliefs, and genetic nature.

These races have only had a few years to interact with one another: not enough time to fully understand or accept each other. Their delicate coexistence is held together more by need than choice.

What do you live for?


Humanity is long dead, but they managed to create their own genetically engineered successors: the Archons. The Archons repopulated their inherited empire with their own creations in an effort to create the perfect race. This pursuit not only led to a wealth of technological advancements, but also empire-wide genocidal war. Eventually, the Archons fell to their deaths at the hands of their own vengeful creations.

What responsibility comes with the ability to make life?


This new society is built not only on the ruins of the Archons’ empire, but also on top of the ancient human empire and who knows what else.

What is out there?