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 Author: Jay Mooers  Category: fairies, monsters

Fae is a tabletop Role Playing Game like no other where monsters lurk in a world of humans in the shadows. Play the MONSTER! Customize your own monster and then forge your own path into the world of humans. How you live  among these petty humans, is up to you. Strike out on adventures, torment others, enforce Fae law on vile monsters and do pretty much anything your imagination can manifest You won’t just play Fae. As the player, you become Fae!

Be the monster!

Players can choose from a vast array of monster types: Fairies, Mogwai, Trolls, and Salamanders. As the creatures, you can choose from varying sizes from 4 inches to 9 feet tall. Some can blend into human society, while others cannot and must sneak around for fear of being brutalized. Fae creatures are armed with powers beyond mortals  and these abilities allow them to manipulate the human world and even deal with other Fae creatures.

Every character can climb up one or all of 7 different affinity trees granting them powers based on a Fae element. Fae can choose from Flame, Aqua, Terra, Sky, Flora, Fauna or Glamour as their main element. Each Affinity tree is filled with different kinds of abilities for a player to use in and out of conflict. 

As you grow your monster, your abilities also grow. As you progress, you’ll have opportunities to unlock terrifying new abilities your character can unleash upon the masses. Players can choose their monster’s affinity between good and bad, limited by the player’s imagination- the Game Master crafts the world around the player’s choices and motivations.

The most important rule for all Fae players and monsters in general is “NEVER GET CAUGHT!” The fastest way to destroy the player’s character is to be discovered by humans.