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Death Divers

 Author: Dustin DePenning  Category: demons, future, horror, sci-fi, space  Publisher: Will Power Games  Game System: Heroic Dark

The solar system was settled thanks to cosmic breaching: reducing the distance between two points by slipping in and out of another universe. The problem is that other universe is called the Pit, and is home to the nastiest of creatures. Now, the denizens of the Pit have found ways into our own universe, and only the Death Divers are ready to stop them.

Death Divers is a setting book inspired by The Expanse meets Doom. Humanity is spread across the solar system and is dealing with class struggle and economic pressure. Expansive inter-dimensional industry has led to the discovery of demons, and now they have found their way to us.

In this setting, you play as heroes on the edge of society, facing a threat that none of the governments in the solar system take seriously. Among the backgrounds you can choose for your character are:

  • Retired Death Diver: a former private marine who fought demons for high pay, protecting scientists and miners that explored the Pit.
  • Demon Chimera: an experiment in blending human and demon DNA to create the ultimate soldiers in the fight against demonkind.
  • Colonist: you can come from moons and planets throughout the solar system, laboring to support the solar economy. How gravity affected you growing up can make you look very different compared to colonists from other areas.
  • Criminal: the further you get from Earth, the more crime can take root. You may have done bad things in your past, but you’re fighting the good fight now.

Build your crew of misfits, and explore the solar system to root out demons wherever you find them!