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Dead Air: Seasons

 Author: Luca Vanin  Category: post-apocalypse  Publisher: World Anvil  Game System: Monad Echo
Our ecosystem was dying. All of humanity’s hope lay in Panacea: a scientific miracle that would repair the damage caused by centuries of hubris and neglect. Perhaps it was the sheer bulk of pollution to ingest. Maybe it was a flaw in the design of Panacea itself. Whatever the cause, humanity only had the briefest flight of hope before careening to the very brink of extinction.
Panacea, created to be our savior, had become the Blight. And nature was devouring all as it reclaimed the lands it had lost.
Dead Air: Seasons is a post-apocalyptic tabletop RPG inspired by ecofiction classics such as The Last of UsStation 11The Girl With All the GiftsContagionNausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind, and others.
It is developed by the creative team behind Broken Tales, and runs on the same game system, Monad Echo, here amped up for a grim survival action experience.