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Coven  & Crucible

 Author: Raechel Henderson  Category: fantasy, magic, modern  Publisher: 13th Moon Games

Coven & Crucible is a 2d12 system, meaning the only dice required are two (2) 12-sided dice. The system itself is meant to be easy to learn and streamlined so we can get quickly back to the story when a roll is called for.  There are four attributes that define a character, nine skills that define the character’s learning and experiences and seven sub-skills categorized under each skill that define where the character has focused their learnings and experiences.  Those three aspects are added together to determine a target number and then, once any modifiers are applied (from situational modifiers to traits to magic items and familiars and curses/hexes) the player rolls 2d12 in an attempt to score under that target number.  Special things happen, however, if a player rolls a 13 (a critical success if it’s under the target number, a critical failure if it’s above the target number).  All of that tells the player if they succeed or not. The character’s degree of success is determined by their level in the sub-skill they used for the action. 

Players are encouraged to create characters that are specialists such as stockbrokers who use divination to figure out which stocks to invest in, smugglers that specialize in magical creatures, baristas in a chain of witchy coffee shops called Magic Beans. This gives them incentive to create teams to tackle plot. Players can create a gang of witches who rob from the rich and give to the poor (or keep it for themselves). They can create a party of magical creature hunters. The possibilities are only limited by the players’ imaginations.