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Changed Stars

 Author: Leland Andercheck  Category: future, sci-fi  Publisher: DieselShot

ChangedStars is a sci-fi roleplaying game set in a bright-yet-perilous future. Inspired by utopian feminist science fiction and contemporary gritty speculative futures, ChangedStars presents a modern-take on a post-patriarchal society for the players to navigate. Take on xenophobic separatists, cut throat criminals, lethal machines, and otherworldly predators as you strive for a better future together on the Frontier.

“Only from the darkness may we see the stars.”


The indomitable Human Empire vaulted itself majestically dick-first into space. On wings of angels, and the backs of warlike men and ambitious women, the unprecedented union of Earth’s disparate global powers set forth to the heavens for glory, profit, and conquest. Slowly at first, this powerful force explored the stars, taking planets like notches on their belts and voraciously consuming cosmic resources, subjugating sentient species as they found them, or removing them from the star-map entirely. Like a wildfire, humanity surged ever-onwards, tainting the stars unchecked… Until Humanity came upon a Murai Hiveworld. Cleansing the planet of its inhabitants in a corporate-backed military action dubbed  “CloudFall,” Humanity declared war on the insectoid spacefarers, expecting to crush them like bugs.

Humanity lost the war. The Murai had allies.

The Year is now 50 AO, After Origin, 50 Standard Solar Years since the formation of the Trinity, and humanity has been given a new lease on life. After Cloudfall, the Murai and their historic trade partners, the socially-complex, mammal-like Thren formed a wartime alliance known as “The Coalition of Sister Species” to defend the Murai from human invasion. Realizing that simply repelling humanity would solve nothing, the Coalition resolved to end the threat of the human Empire in entirety. After fifty long years of interplanetary warfare, death, destruction, and despair, the Sister Species claimed the Imperial capital of Mars. To prevent humanity from returning to its genocidal ways, the Sister Species sought to fundamentally change their conquered aggressors. They spent the next fifty years dismantling the empire’s hierarchies of oppression, striving to help Humanity live up to its potential for peace.  The changes instituted during “The Great Transition” were drastic. They altered religious texts, did away with megacorporations, and temporarily disallowed males from filling political positions (the Thren being formerly matriarchal turned egalitarian, and the Murai being a genderless species suspected the patriarchal nature of the Human Empire to have contributed to the worst of its atrocities). The mega computer that humanity had employed to direct their military forces was reprogrammed and converted into a singular director of distributing humanity’s resources and internal affairs, now known as “The Mother of Steel”.

Changing Humanity changed the Murai and Thren as well. The process of rehabilitating humanity resulted in an inextricable bond between the 3 spacefaring species. To commemorate their post-war bond, the successful completion of the Great Transition, and aspirations of future peaceful interactions, Humanity, Thren, and Murai leaders decided to marry their peoples in an alliance built on the basis of peace, prosperity, and the pursuit of self-improvement.

They became the Trinity.