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Broken Tales

 Category: cop, fairies, fantasy, villains  Publisher: The World Anvil Publishing

A dark Tabletop RPG of upside-down fairytales, where villains seek redemption, and nothing is how you remember it.

Once upon a time, a child saved the world of fairytales. His reward was a wish. The One who Plots in the Shadows saw an opportunity to tarnish the child’s heart, whispering to him a corrupted idea. The child asked the King of Fairytales that the Villains, accursed for centuries, be granted a new life. This was to be their chance for redemption. This was how the Villains became good. But any light needs a shadow, and in turn, the Heroes became evil. At that moment, all fairytales were shattered.


Broken Tales reinterprets traditional fairytales through a dark lens, upending their premises. Players belong to the Order, a secret group operating on behalf of the Papacy, whose duty is to investigate events and threats beyond human understanding. An eerie 18th century Europe becomes the background for these unusual heroes – villains from various fairytales, now acting as protagonists in the new reality shaped by the Child Saviour.