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Better Angels

 Author: Greg Stolze  Category: angels, demons, modern, super-hero  Publisher: Arc Dream Publishing  Game System: One Roll Engine

A demon gave you superpowers and it demands evil. No, not just evil—EEEEVIL!

In Better Angels, you play a supervillain trying to control the demon that gives you amazing powers—and you play the demon for the player next to you, pushing that player’s supervillain to greater and greater acts of supervillainy. Do too much evil and the demon might take control entirely. Too little, and—well, it’s a demon. It will find ways to punish you.

Better Angels focuses directly on characters’ moral stances. Is your villain Insightful or Devious? Are you Cunning or Patient? Is your Courage as great as your Cruelty? Those characteristics drive your superpowers. They shape your relationship with your demon and are shaped by it in every scene.

Get ready. There are diabolical inventions to create. Enemies and rivals to thwart. AN ENTIRE WORLD TO CONQUER!

All it will cost is your soul.


Better Angels is a tabletop roleplaying game about supervillains and the devils that give them amazing powers.  As a player, you take both roles—a scheming supervillain, and the devil whispering over another player’s shoulder.