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Animon Story

 Author: Zak Barouh  Category: fantasy, kids, monsters, pokemon

Jump into the world of Animon with this original tabletop roleplaying game inspired by beloved anime and video games. You’ll take on the role of Kids who team up with their very own monster buddies called Animon. Together you’ll go on adventures, grow as friends, and maybe even save the world!

This book contains everything you need to create unique characters and tell your own stories, with rules designed to encourage and support your creativity.


  • Fun and easy to learn mechanics using six-sided dice.
  • Flexible character creation for both Kids and Animon.
  • Character growth focused on dynamic bonds of friendship between Kids and Animon.
  • Rules for unlocking powerful new forms through Animon Evolution, from FLEDGLING all the way to GIGA.
  • Helpful guides for creating unique settings, adventures, and campaigns.
  • Over 70 NPC friends and foes with simple rules for creating new ones.