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 Author: Liam Ginty  Category: 50s, fantasy, modern  Publisher: Sandy Pug Games

Americana is an RPG set in a fantasy, inclusive 1950s small town, somewhere in the United States. Your best friend is dead, and you think it’s murder. Gather their other friends, follow the clues and investigate your town full of magic, wonder, gangs and risks to track down the killer and bring them to justice.

The game takes place in a 50s vastly different than the one we’re used to. For a start, the world is full of magic. Orcs and Dwarves are going steady at the drive-in, Elves and Dragons are taking a trip to Look-out Point and your principal is a kindly skeleton that fought against Charlemagne. The world is also massively more progressive than the 50s ever was, systemic oppression of marginalized people is an alien concept in the world of Americana. 

You play as something new and incredible in this world; a Teenager. Never before has the world been in a place that allowed for a long adolescence, and as the first of these strange creatures, you make a lot of people uncomfortable with your wild clothes, your loud music and your strange habits. Players choose from one of 6 teenage archetypes – Jock, Nerd, Artist, New Kid, Outsider, Royal – each with their own strengths and place within the high school ecosystem. You’ll also pick from one of 9 fantasy species, each with their own unique backstory and history within the world.

Americana features innovative new mechanics; Your Dead Friend pushes the victim of the murder to the center of the story, and Flashbacks let you build your relationship with the victim dynamically through play. Town Creation lets you and your table collaboratively create an incredible town full of magic and mystery and an extensive resources section helps you and your players build the perfect mystery.