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 Author: Alison Cybe  Category: action, horror  Publisher: Sanguine Productions  Game System: Powered by the Apocalypse

Through heaven and earth, beyond mundane understanding, …

It’s all too easy to pretend it isn’t there. Where crime, injustice, and war run rampant, they cast long shadows. In the dark corners of this earth are things terrible and strange, unknownable and illimitable. It’s not a question of whether evil exists, but when it will strike.

The line is razor-thin, and that line is you.

You know things. You have a ken for the supernatural. You can contain it, control it… maybe you can even become something more than human. You know what evil is … you know what it can do … and you know you can never let it happen again.

As a agent of the ABYSS, you travel to the darkest places of the world, separating fiction from truth. Will this be yet another unfounded rumor … or something much more sinister. Will this be the mission where you are pushed past your breaking point?