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 Category: dragons  Publisher: Lone Colossus Games

Join the Fun!

In the great green vale of Dragonsdale, we’re gonna tell a wyrmling tale – the tale of the Wyrmling Brigade!

Wyrmlings is a wholesome, all-ages TTRPG designed to capture the feeling of cartoons like Steven Universe and My Little Pony! In it, you will play as young dragons going on adventures and overcoming challenges with friends. Just like the shows the game is inspired by, the adventures you go on will vary from facing down an evil wizard to simply trying to find the best birthday present for a friend. It’s all up to you and the stories you want to tell!

Wyrmlings is an excellent starting point for newcomers to TTRPGs and for introducing kids to cooperative storytelling with a game that doesn’t encourage violent problem solving. It’s also just a great system for fun, wholesome gaming – whether that’s your weekly game, or a one-shot to take a break from your more serious sessions.

Simple at its core, the narrative-driven system grows in complexity gradually as the wyrmlings advance in years at Dragon School and grow the bonds of their friendship.