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 Author: Andrew Orvedahl  Category: animals, birds  Publisher: Occupied Hex Games

STREETS III: BIRD CVLT is our other standalone sequel and the ultimate tabletop role-playing game for bird lovers. Players take on roles of city birds getting into adventures or just trying to build and maintain a healthy flock. The game uses the same core engine as STREETS.

Players can choose from a whopping 22 birds, each with their own unique talent. The game also features a much larger world, with 12 turfs that show a larger city than previous games.

BIRD CVLT can be played like our other STREETS titles or in the new flock mode, which has players taking turns as leader to set priorities to try and grow a thriving flock. This mode introduces some fun competition between players as well as an ongoing survival mode that can be played out as long as possible. The game also includes some one shots and a few longer adventures as well.

Inspired by and featuring the amazing bird illustrations of Ricardo Ales, BIRD CVLT is perfect for hardcore bird nerds as well as anyone looking for an easy and fun time stepping into the world of city birds.