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 Author: Andrew Orvedahl  Category: animals, bats, foxes, opossums, raccoons, rats, skunks  Publisher: Occupied Hex Games

STREETS 2: NIGHT SHIFT is a standalone sequel to the original STREETS. This game features the midadventures of nightsiders– the critters who come awake at night! Players take on roles as raccoons, skunks, opossums, foxes, bats or nightside rats and get into some trouble.

NIGHT SHIFT uses the same game engine as STREETS, so returning players will be able to hop right in. The game adds some fun new mechanics such as players having the option to bring baby critters along for the ride, as well as eating trash to gain wild powers!

This game also builds out the lore (if we dare call it that) of the STREETS world, establishing more details of the rat kingdom and adding more turfs and characters to populate them with.

NIGHT SHIFT features amazing covers and interior illustrations by Ocher Umber, as well as some one shot troubles and a few big-time troubles, including the spookiest STREETS adventure yet.