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Rebel Scum

 Category: future, sci-fi, space, star wars  Publisher: 9th Level Games  Game System: polymorph

REBEL SCUM tells the story of how scrappy, anti-fascist heroes can fight back against a government with unlimited power (including giant lasers and space magic). Inspired by a love for a certain line of 3 and 3/4 inch action figures, this is a fast paced, feel good, space opera of rebellion and adventure.


Do you remember when life was simple – and all the universe‚Äôs problems could be solved by little plastic heroes…

REBEL SCUM is a cinematic roleplaying game that tries to tackle the problems of today, by pretending to punch Space Nazis right in the face. An explicitly anti-fascist space opera RPG – a war in the stars between the forces of good and evil, a political allegory about right now told in the style of classic action fi gures. Powered by polymorph, REBEL SCUM is as fast and easy to play as picking up some dudes and smashing them together making pew-pew-pew noises. Except now, you know what the fi ght is about.