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Over The Edge

 Author: Jonathan Tweet  Category: madness, modern  Publisher: Atlas Games

As you drink strong coffee in the all-night, sidewalk café, you reflect on how you’ve changed since your plane touched down on Al Amarja three weeks ago. Three weeks, is that all? You half-chuckle, half-moan, quietly to yourself. Three weeks ago you had faith in the rational world your high school science teacher told you about. Two weeks ago you didn’t believe in psychic powers, in the soul, in life on other planets. One week ago you knew what the world was about and knew your place in it. When you got up this morning, you had never killed.

“Cigaretts?” says a familiar voice beside you. You turn and pretend not to recognize your co-conspirator, posing as a petty street vendor.

“Three, please,” you say. The folded dollar bill you hand her contains the computer chip you took from the cooling corpse you left in an alley seven blocks away. Two cigarettes she passes you each contain a rulled up thousand dollar bill. The third contains the passwords you’ll need to get your next assignment.

It’s not the money you do this for, you tell yourself. The things you’re fighting — they want to rule the world. First, though, they want to control your mind.

Welcome to Al Amarja™, the mysterious Mediterranean Island, home to all that is sinister and bizarre. If it troubles your dreams, if it scares you, if you hope it isn’t true… you’ll find it here. Thi is the setting for Over the Edge, the role-playing game of surreal danger.