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 Category: fantasy  Publisher: QuasiReal House

MythCraft offers you a uniquely customizable role-playing experience. As you explore grand fantasy worlds, you must rely on your diplomatic words, your keen senses, and your sharpened steel. Your actions have consequences, and your legacy may be heralded or decried for generations to come.

Vast, undiscovered realms await you. What myths will you craft?

About MythCraft

MythCraft is a new TTRPG Universe and System developed by QuasiReal Publishing in 2023

MythCraft offers an expansive and customizable system for the fantastical adventures at your table. There are 11 separate Classes14 unique Lineages, 23 individual Backgrounds and Occupations, and so, so many Talent Points and Spells. That means thousands of unique mechanical builds available in the base game! MythCraft is approachable for new players but is packed to the brim with the complexity that players crave.

Features include:

  • Reimagined combat with familiar d20 mechanics, but an intuitive and tactical Action Point system complete with ways to increase your maximum AP, holding over AP, and reactive AP.
  • Gain an Attribute and Talent Point every level. There are thousands of unique builds in the base game.
  • A fresh take on spellcasting with 5 unique and distinct sources of magic and hundreds of spells
  • A full BOP (Backgrounds, Occupations, and Professionals) system means ways to develop your character beyond just combat
  • Built from the ground up to be modular and iterated upon. MythCraft has plans to span four distinct supereons, from low-fantasy prehistorical dinosaur wars to post-apocalyptic to spacefaring space operas.