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Maji Monsters

 Author: Dan Coleman  Category: kids, monsters, pokemon  Publisher: Late Knight Games  Game System: Maji Monsters

You’re about to enter a fantastic place where extraordinary creatures dwell and where extraordinary things can happen. But nothing is more extraordinary than the people that make this world their home—the people who live to challenge Monsters.

The pages in this book invite you to become one of these incredible people, to write your own story.

Who will you be? What Monsters will you face? What story will you tell? Make your decisions wisely, and do not delay… Monsters are coming.


Enter a world ruled by Monsters, where humans have been driven to the brink of extinction, and all that remains of a once great empire are ruins and memories. MajiMonster is the name given to the creation of ancient maji—sorcerers  of old. These creatures are the result of magics infused with common beasts or inanimate objects, and with their power they have escaped the control of the maji that created them.

Take on the role of a binder, a unique person that can capture Monsters and direct them as both weapons and companions. Explore a savage landscape and encounter a variety of Monsters with combinations of 10 affinities such as Fire, Mystic, or Wind. 

Choose from one of six unique binder classes, each of which uses different approaches to binding, fighting, and training the Monsters of this world. Will you be a gallant knight, forged in battle? Were you born a concordant, infused with magic? Perhaps your role is that of a scholar, to teach the world the knowledge it has lost.

Binders roam the land for their own reasons—to make a name for themselves, seek out ancient treasures, or, possibly, just to find a way to survive this harsh world.