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 Author: Josh Ninjacat Brining  Category: modern, monsters, teens  Publisher: Ninjacat Stories

I WAS A TEENAGE CREATURE is a narrative-focused RPG that emulates young-adult urban fantasy TV shows like BuffySupernatural, or MTV’s Teen Wolf. In this game, it doesn’t matter how strong your werewolf is, or fast his vampire is, or how beautiful her fae is…what matters is how these characters feelwhy they’re doing something and not just how capable they are of doing it.

IWATC uses a unique d10 system where the target numbers fluctuate with the narrative, making the Player Characters’ emotions a mechanical part of the game and not solely what the Players and GM bring to the table. Although the game is focused on the Story, there is mechanical crunch, and less-narrative gamers can convert the PCs’ Traits into reliable mechanical modifiers if a group prefers crunch over narrative.

Play a teenage werewolf, or vampire, or ghost, or even a human, hunter, or psychic. With nine Creature Types and dozens of Feeling Factors to turn your character into just who you want them to be, I WAS A TEENAGE CREATURE lets you make your character’s Story as angsty and dramatic as you want! Trying to survive adolescence, high school drama, and things that go bump in the night, even when the paranormal shinola starts hitting the fan…


..what will your Teenage Creature do?