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 Author: Christopher Grey  Category: fantasy  Publisher: Sundered Hold Scriptorium  Game System: Caster System

We called ourselves the Highcaster, because we were fortunate—our lots were cast high.

Now that the stars have fallen and hundreds of years have passed, we still call ourselves Highcaster.

But now it’s because we create our own fortune.

The gods of the realm fell, destroying civilization and cutting the realm off from divinity. Centuries later, civilizations have emerged and it is now a time of heroes destined to forge the mythologies of the new realm of Highcaster.

Highcaster is a game about creating a world of legends. It is the story of a civilization rising from the ashes, reaching out into the vast unknown to create a new world and destroy the decay and corruption that threatens it.

Choose from a rich tapestry of cultures and heritages to weave together deeply nuanced tales of heroic characters and their personal journeys, conflicts, and legacy.

The System

The Highcaster System uses the Dungeoncaster open source ruleset. It is a character-driven system that utilizes a d20 as its core randomizer that uses a poll of d4, d6, and d8 dice to determine the modifier. Highcaster is completely cross-compatible with other Dungeoncaster products.

Player Options

  • Seven deeply rich cultures player groups can choose to be a part of that provide the tone and type of gameplay the players will experience
  • Nine heritages to choose from, including in-setting versions of once-immortal creatures like demons, angels, fay, and unicorns.
  • Eight character paths that determine their role in the story, background, and disciplines.

Core Book Includes

  • Game rules and player options for Highcaster
  • In-depth cultural descriptions to help provide details for your campaign, without the constraints of an established world or map–cultures are a tool to build out your own immersive world unique to your group
  • Extensive world-building tools and tables
  • Rules for solo play
  • Conversion rules so you can use Highcaster on any fantasy RPG module, setting, or adventure path.