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The Ultimate Gamer’s Toolkit


Widely regarded as the best roleplaying game system ever created, the HERO System has become even better with this Revised version of the 5th Edition rules!

Unlike any other roleplaying game, the HERO System provides you with unfettered flexibility, allowing you to exercise your own creativity without hindrance. Build any character, power, gadget, skill, weapon, ability, or vehicle you can think of! It’s the ultimate gamer’s toolkit, allowing you to do what you do best: create great characters and games.

Whatever you want to do, in any genre, time period, or setting, the HERO System lets you do it!

The 5th Edition, Revised includes:

– The complete HERO System 5th Edition rules, revised and updated to to address commonly-asked questions, improve clarity, and make the rulebook easier to use

– Hundreds of options for Hero gamers, allowing you to better create and define characters, abilities, vehicles, and more

– Over 300 example powers, gadgets, abilities, weapons, and spells for all genres

– A dozen sample characters, from all the major genres, along with
guidelines about how to use the HERO System for each genre

– A detailed, comprehensive index