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Good Strong Hands

 Author: Craig Campbell  Category: cozy, fantasy  Publisher: Nerdburger Games

Good Strong Hands is a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game where you portray fantastic creatures and their newly arrived human allies working to save your home of Reverie from destruction by the faceless, malevolent force known only as the Void. 

The game draws inspiration from movies like The Neverending Story, Legend, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, and Willow. While Reverie is a land of the fantastical, filled with whimsy, it is also beset by this sinister, destructive force. Characters will be constantly tempted by the Void’s corruption, even as they seek to end it. 

The stories you tell will be those of friendship, teamwork, self-empowerment, overcoming harmful forces, and dealing with a world in crisis. You’ll do all of this…with your good, strong hands.